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Thank you so very much for your help with my low thyroid issue! I cannot tell you how much it means to me to function with energy and vitality again. There simply is no price you can put on feeling alive again!

My doctors wanted to put me on drugs that I would have to take every day for the rest of my life. The medication made me worse to the point that I couldn’t even keep up with my daily tasks. You knew exactly what to do and nailed the problem right away. Not only was it time efficient but also cost effective.

Thank you for getting to the bottom of the issue. Now I can stay on top of my health, eat the correct foods and remove toxic things from my life! I feel awesome! My life that I enjoy so much is back!

Ingrid J.

Encinitas, California, Personal Trainer

My son had developmental delays and learning issues since early childhood.  Overall, he was failing to thrive in many areas of his young life. However, since we started working with Toni, I’ve seen steady improvement. His reading and focus have improved. He’s more centered and grounded. And, he’s not so easily frustrated and has much better control of his emotions. I am very blessed, as his mom, to see all of the improvements in his life. Thank you so much Toni for what you do to help others!
Linda W.

I suffered from constant acid reflux that began the same time I started my teaching career just over eight years ago. To try and curb the issue, I first wanted to go the natural route and tried papaya pills from our local co-op. Those seemed to help a bit, but still did not tame the fire, so I went on to try apple cider vinegar, Tums and a healthier diet. When none of these methods seemed to work, I decided to try an over the counter acid blocker which, in conjunction with the papaya pills, kept the acid reflux at bay some of the time. Knowing that the acid blocker is not a healthy solution, however, I decided to reach out to Toni and after just three stress management sessions, I was pain free. I no longer use any of the antacids and have not had acid reflux since we started working together. As a bonus, eliminating the stress that was affecting my digestion helped me to lose weight without even trying!
Rachele R.

Working with Toni was a great experience for me. I had been struggling with occasional  binge drinking and I was looking for a compassionate and natural way to gain control over that. Toni’s healing sessions offered me that support and after 3 sessions I can whole-heartedly say that I can now have a glass or two of wine, and I’m just not interested in any more than that. I also have wine with a lot less frequency than I used to.
Annette A.

As a personal trainer, health is of the utmost.  However, I had been experiencing issues with my gut causing me to lose weight and muscle at an alarming rate.  I am already a petit 110 lbs with good muscle tone, but dipped to an alarming 96 lbs, feeling weak and frail.  Clearly my health was compromised and I had no idea why.  Yet as a professional in health and fitness my pride kept me from reaching out.  I thought I had the know how to help myself.  Although I tried many things, I was at a loss as to what to do.

I have known Toni since she first visited our facility over a year ago.  One day while she was training with us she asked me how I was doing and as I replied the usual “good”, she responded but how are YOU doing?  I knew I needed to confide in her and thankfully I did.

Immediately she gave me a gut calming recipe to follow and made an appointment for me to see her.  I did and have not left her since!  From the eye opening hair mineral test she had me do to the emotional healing exercises she helped me get through, I am proud to say my health has increased 100 fold.  She continues to work with me perfecting my diet and daily regimen.

I have never been more confident in my health and future than I am now.  It is Toni’s know how that has made the difference in me.  She is always there to answer any questions I may have.  I have complete confidence in Toni and believe she was Heaven sent for me!  Thank you Toni!

Denise Nunez

Del Mar, California, Personal Trainer

I have worked with Toni Fairman over the last several years and her results are undeniable. Most recently I contacted her to help me manage the stress I experience at work. I am a partner at a global professional services firm. And while I enjoy what I do, it can also be time-intensive, exhausting and stressful. Each session with Toni was focused on a specific stress point at work – dealing with the stress of my annual internal review, anxiousness during public speaking, and managing less than ideal profit issues on projects. Toni is wonderful to work with and after each session I was amazed at the relief I felt surrounding issues that typically would give me stress and anxiety. The best example is public speaking – typically I would get nervous and anxious leading meetings or presenting project results; however, after a session with Toni, I was calm and confident, which resulted in a better presentation all around. Thank you Toni!
Michelle C.

Partner of Global Professional Services Firm

I had some heavy duty health issues and Toni helped me change my life! My gall bladder was removed a few years ago and I thought I was going to have to eat a bland diet for the rest of my life. After a thorough analysis, Toni suggested dietary and supplement changes along with educational literature that allowed me to eat a broad, healthy diet including the delicious foods that I thought I would never eat again. She helped me improve my digestion, restore my health and appearance, and regain my zest for life again. Toni continues to support me and my health as I go through the inevitable changes of middle life. Toni is passionate and caring, and I recommend her to anyone!
Anny M.

Los Angeles, California

I found Toni’s website and began watching her videos and reading her recipes. I didn’t know much but I was intrigued so I signed up for her newsletter and joined her Facebook group. That was one of the best things I have ever done! I found out about the Microbiome Summit through Toni and listened to about half of the talks. I became intrigued with the fascinating information that I was listening to. Toni gave me a kombucha scoby and I was off to the races experimenting with the health benefits of fermentation. I have learned so much about eating raw and fermented probiotic rich foods. I feed my baby all kinds of fermented foods and she is thriving because of it. Through Toni’s information, I realized that I needed to dig into detail around the chemicals that I am exposing my child to, including vaccines. I am so thankful to Toni for dedicating her time to create transparency and thoughtful information so I can make healthier decisions for my family. The more I learn, the more I find that I am led back to Toni’s wisdom. She is the San Diego leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, she knows about local chemical free products and has helped me source specialized supplements. I highly recommend Toni.  She is a true expert and is passionate about living a healthy life and helping others!
Anna L.

San Diego, California

Toni is a gifted human being. Her love and acceptance are intricately woven into her work. I have really enjoyed my healing sessions with her. I believe the sessions have given me insight into my family and myself, helped transform obstacles and brought a greater ability to love and accept myself. Some sessions have brought me deep joy while others have brought me deep peace. Thank you Toni!
Jorge Luis Moreno, D.O

Over a year I developed the following symptoms:
♦ I’d lost 25 lbs
♦ My muscles & joints were constantly sore & aching
♦ I had major brain fog
♦ I was unmotivated & anti-social
♦ and my heart beat was pounding & irregular.

I was diagnosed with Graves disease. An auto-immune thyroid disorder.

Then I found Toni. We were able to meet on a video call. She assured me she’d helped others like me. She made me feel confident about the program. After 2 months of the protocol based on my hair testing, I’m back to normal, actually better than before even!
* 2-3 hour naps each day Waking up at 5:30 am every morning FIRED up and ready to go!
* a low of 171bs 194lbs
* constant muscle soreness and too much pain to work out crushing the gym each day and playing beach volleyball again!
* feeling slow mentally & forgetful being smart (self-proclaimed) and witty again!
* zero motivation, a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, never leaving home feeling like a limitless dynamo of energy and motivation again!

AND … all test results back in normal (green) range!  I have referred many friends and clients to her. Don’t waste time…do it!

Terry G.

I have had allergies to a variety of foods for as long as I can remember. The symptoms of which ranged from a sore throat, migraine headaches, extreme fatigue, fever, insomnia, stomach aches, foggy brain, concentration issues, muscle aches, and mood swings. I had assumed that I would be dealing with these debilitating allergies for the rest of my life. Toni, through her extensive knowledge of how our bodies function and the nutrition that they need, was able to prove me wrong and heal me. I was a tough case to crack, but she was tenacious and never gave up on me. Thanks to her personalized diet recommendations, I have been able to enjoy foods I thought were out of the picture for me forever. More importantly I am happy and healthy and ready to tackle any obstacle life sends my way.
Tristan T.

Toni’s advice completely changed the way we eat and think about food.  For many years we thought that what we ate and how we ate was best for us. We even believed that we were eating very healthily but we discovered through Toni’s teachings, how wrong we were.  We now know a better way to eat that is truly nutritious and healthy. We’ve lost weight, have more energy and truly feel better than ever. Toni is a knowledgeable, friendly, kind and genuinely interested in helping others in their quest to better health.
Lilian and Alex B.

San Diego, California

Toni recommended I focus on emotional healing and because of past experiences and education I was curious and began using the techniques she suggested.  It was working!!  I stopped my cough, the ache in my back, the ugly reaction I had to someone’s voice, and more. The physical symptoms came back in 3 to 5 days, and I had to repeat the techniques to make them go away again. When I next spoke to Toni we worked together over the phone, and the problems didn’t return!

With Toni’s greater understanding, she’s more effective than I, and she’s now helping my entire family.  When I see my husband and son talking easily together, I can’t tell you how happy I am and how much I know the important things are changing.  This has come at a time when we needed it so much.  It seems like a miracle because we haven’t seen such effective healing before.

Sandy C.

I have been seeing Toni for quite a while and she has indeed helped me change my life as well as the life of my daughter.  She has spent time with both of us and the results are amazing. My relationship with my daughter has improved a great deal as she has changed her behaviors and so have I. We have been able to work through issues of forgiveness, patience, and overall understanding of each other, I am so thankful for this. Toni has also helped me “help myself” with the high anxiety I was experiencing. I thank God I met Toni and would recommend her to anyone needing help.
Annie L.

Del Mar, California

I can’t even begin to express to you how grateful I feel having you in my life and guiding me through this difficult journey!
Renee K.

Aviston, Illinois

Toni, I just had to say THANK YOU! The information you are giving me is phenomenal. You changed my life in a day, and I am in awe of all that you know. I’m so excited and feel like I finally have the tools and guidance that I need to make positive changes in my diet and in my life as a whole.
Georgia E.

Brea, California

I wish to thank you for restoring my spiritual and physical health. You are a miracle-giver. I am reading A Course in Miracles now, and I believe your work is Divinely guided. I am blessed to have received the gift of your miracle.  I hope those in need find you. It will save them from many years of futile searching, expense, and potential lost hope.
Rochelle B.

San Diego, California

I discovered emotional healing, thanks to Toni Fairman, after a long and exhausting search for answers to many unexplained health issues.  As someone who has been avidly into health and fitness for a very long time and who eats an extremely clean diet, I could never figure out why I felt so sick and unhealthy.  I was plagued by constant illnesses, allergies, various explainable muscle aches, fatigue and a slew of other issues.  I, like so many, wasn’t always this health conscious and did a great deal of damage to my body when I was younger through poor dieting and the abuse of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and various other poor lifestyle choices.

When I embarked on my journey to free myself of the aches and pains I was struggling with I tried several healing options, generally with limited and short term results.  It became my belief that the damage of my past was too great to overcome, but I still plugged away.  In January of 2013, I started the GAPS diet.  This provided positive results, but like so many of my prior efforts I seemed to plateau and not be fully healed.  In June of 2013, I reached out to Toni.  Our first phone consultation started and ended with her telling me I needed to read The Healing Code book and start practicing the Healing Codes.  I bought and read it immediately and started within days.  To say that this has changed my life is a complete understatement.  Even more important and significant is the positive impact it has had on the lives of my loved ones and those around me.  I had a lifetime of unforgiveness and pretty much all of the Healing Code issues to work through.  As I chipped away at these issues, I started seeing phenomenal healing.  The most amazing part is the Healing Codes don’t directly heal the physical issues, they heal the emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds, which in turn heals the physical wounds.  My autonomic nervous system remained in a balanced state.  No more battling fight or flight constantly.

The impact was so great on me that my wife and sister immediately read and started with the Healing Codes.  I did this on my own for 5 months and then reached out to Toni again.  We did private sessions and I can tell you after only my third appointment, the results have been equal to or greater than what I experienced in the 5 months prior.  Through the use of muscle testing she was able to identify the key issues and exact memories causing my issues.  After jumping from one potential solution to the next I can finally say that I have found the answer to all of my health issues!

Marcus C.

Tampa, FL

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