Overhead view of coffee beans arranged in a heart shape on a brown wooden background with copy space.

If you haven’t spent much time learning about detox procedures then this one will seem strange.  One of the quickest ways to relieve headaches and nausea is to do a coffee enema.  It’s also the quickest way to detoxify your body.

Yes, coffee enemas are one of the best detoxification tools around.  It’s basically like a water enema but with coffee instead.  Enemas have been in use for thousands of years and coffee enemas date back to World War I.  Some of the benefits of coffee enemas include cleaning and healing the colon, detoxifying the liver, reducing many types of pain, eliminating many parasites, reducing general toxicity, reducing depression, confusion and general nervous tension, increasing mental clarity and improving energy levels.  The coffee also provides nutrients that are absorbed in the colon including selenium and zinc.  And, a substance in coffee, palmitate, facilitate increased production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant.  The caffeine actually dilates the bile ducts facilitating the excretion of toxins from the liver.  Whew!  You can see why I feel coffee enemas are so helpful for detoxification.  For detailed procedures go here.

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