Thailand Lake Klong Long

I had no idea what to expect when visiting Asia for the first time last month. I spent about two weeks in Thailand around Bangkok and in the jungle at a yoga retreat.
While on an all day tour around the sites of Bangkok, my guide made an unexpected stop at a traditional small farm just outside the city. How did she know I like to visit farms? We toured the farm house and got to see how coconut sugar is made. I was so fascinated by the process I asked if I could shoot a video to share with you.
Take a look at this video of my guide, Siri, explaining the process. Yes, Siri (short for Siripan) is her real name.

The sap is collected by slicing open a flower and then boiled down to reduce the water content. I sampled the final product still warm from the wok. It tasted like caramel! Delicious!

Have you ever been to a working farm and been fascinated by what is produced there? Tell me in the comments about your experience.