Have you been told you are lactose intolerant or maybe you just don’t feel well after drinking milk?

The solution may be as simple as switching to raw milk.  Raw milk contains enzymes including lactase that digests the lactose in milk.  Pasteurization kills that enzyme making it difficult for some to digest lactose.  Pasteurization also kills the enzyme responsible for carrying calcium into your bones.  This can contribute to osteoporosis.  Another reason to switch to raw milk.  For some, goat milk is a better option than milk from cows.

If you need to avoid cow’s milk altogether, drink alternatives like nut milk or coconut milk.  Keep an eye out for additives.  Almonds and water and optionally vanilla and a sweetener are all that is required to make almond milk for example.  This can easily be done at home.  Here is a delicious recipe for Vanilla Almond Milk.   I don’t normally purchase food in cans but coconut milk is the exception as refrigerated coconut milk always has additives that I prefer to avoid.  My favorite brand is Native Forest because they use BPA free cans and produce a very high quality coconut milk.

Watch this video for more on healthy milk options:

Have you tried Almond milk yet, what are your thoughts?