GAPS Support

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Let’s end the overwhelm…
And start to heal your gut!


When it comes to starting the GAPS Diet….

The GAPS™ diet allows rapid gut healing that can improve overall health and any condition specifically related to or stemming from digestive distress. 

This diet has a great deal of flexibility which allows a custom fit but can feel overwhelming without guidance. 

Diet, supplementation, detoxification and lifestyle changes are all part of this protocol.

Let me help you navigate the common roadblocks so you can experience vibrant health.


The GAPS Support 60 day program includes:

An initial consultation lasting 60-90 minutes

Detailed discussion of options within the GAPS diet

We will develop a transition plan to set you up for success with the diet

Resources to help you feel comfortable and confident that you are purchasing the best foods for your body

4 follow-up appointments lasting 20-30 minutes, over a 60 day period, where we review progress and maintain accountability at each meeting

Education materials to help you with detoxification, food choices and lifestyle changes


Your investment $600
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