On my recent trip to Thailand, one of the things that really surprised me was the amount of fresh produce available in restaurants and from street vendors, even in the very large city of Bangkok.
Of course I grabbed my camera to share with you some of the highlights of the foods that grabbed my attention.

Here is a rose apple which had a light apple taste and the consistency of a pear. The strangest thing was that it had no core! The entire fruit is edible.

roseapple      roseapple2







The amazing food continued when I traveled from Bangkok to the jungle for a yoga retreat where the home-cooked food was full of amazing local fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit with some chicken now and then. Pictured here are fresh vegetables for dinner and roasted peanuts with rice and morning glory greens for breakfast.

roastedpeanutsinrice thiafreshvegmedley







Growing right next to the jungle yoga retreat on the edge of the lake was a cashew tree. Did you know that each cashew is attached to a large piece of edible fruit? I got to taste the fruit which was okay but a little bland.  I can see why the cashew nut is well known but the fruit is not.

cashew nut and fruit cashew fruit on tree







If you want to see how coconut sugar is made come along as I visit a small farm where they do just that.

Now that elephant rides and watching wild monkeys play in the jungle is behind me, I’m planning my next big adventure.

I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and trekking to some faraway place to experience a new culture and some new food to wake up your taste buds!

What foods have really made a lasting impression in your travels?