Juicing with beets

Beets are often overlooked as ‘juicing’ material. I am here to share with you just how valuable they can be and how easy it is to incorporate them into your juicing routine. I would love to hear your comments about your adventures in juicing.

Healthy Summer Drink Ideas

Healthy living doesn’t stop when it comes to cool and refreshing drinks! In this video I cover a few ideas on keeping your body hydrated and taste buds happy during these beautiful summer months. What’s your favorite summer drink?

Homemade Beet Kvass Recipe

In today’s recipe video we dive into a healthy drink that has been around for centuries, Beet Kvass. Folk medicine values beets and beet kvass for their liver cleansing properties and beet kvass is widely used in cancer therapy in Europe.  Beet kvass is an...

Making Coconut Sugar in Thailand

I had no idea what to expect when visiting Asia for the first time last month. I spent about two weeks in Thailand around Bangkok and in the jungle at a yoga retreat. While on an all day tour around the sites of Bangkok, my guide made an unexpected stop at a...

Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole

This is one of my all time favorite holiday recipes handed down from my mother. It’s a great dish to take to gatherings or for an evening at home. 2 small or 1 large organic sweet potato peeled and cut into 1/4 inch medallions 2 small or 1 large organic apple...