I work to improve the lives of my clients by teaching them how to eat a nourishing traditional diet and by making lifestyle changes to enhance their health and well being. ~ Toni Fairman, BA, NTP, CGP

How Nutrition Came To Be My Passion

When I decided to stay home to raise my very young boys, and leave the corporate world behind, my biggest challenge was figuring out how to feed my children a nourishing diet that would properly fuel their growing bodies.

I thought I would miss the excitement of juggling projects and software implementations but the new task at hand was much more motivating and it was a different kind of challenge.

The difficult part was determining which health expert to follow but I finally settled on a very traditional diet for my kids, similar to what I was fed growing up.

The time at home with my children was the perfect opportunity to really understand nutrition and to find the right resources and cooking techniques that I needed to feed my husband and boys.

underwater photo with boys

The fabulous Fairman boys!

I loved every minute of the time I was able to devote to my children when they were young!

As my boys got busy with school and sports, I decided to share what I had learned with others and headed back to school.

In 2009 I was Certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by the Nutritional Therapy Association and I continue to stay up to date and educate myself with workshops, seminars and courses.

I pursued training as a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner which allows me to help clients struggling with digestive and other issues that need the gut healing provided by the GAPS diet.

I design personalized nutrition & wellness programs for my clients including nutritional balancing protocols based on tissue mineral analysis.  To find out how I can help you make an impact on your health start here.

As an avid gardener and with my love for cooking I keep my husband and two sons healthy with a balanced nutrient dense properly prepared whole foods diet. To see recipes I love to use head to my recipes page.

My passion for nutrition enables me to assist clients with allergies, weight loss, digestive wellness, increased energy,  mental well being, children’s issues and overall improvement in health.



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