Get clear. Get well. Be free.

Hi, I’m Toni! And I’d be honored to help you release the things that block you from living a vibrant, full, healthy life.

People come to me for so many different reasons.

Trauma. Chronic pain. Anxiety. Sleep difficulties. Persistent anger. Infertility. Depression. Broken relationships. A lack of clarity and purpose.

These may sound like incredibly different issues, but they have something in common: They all keep you emotionally shackled and unable to thrive

I feel like I’m slowly breaking out of my own little prison I’ve created for myself over the years. My physical issues have disappeared and that enables me to get past the fear…I feel like I’m getting my life back.

Thank you so much for being an amazing healer!

– Kelli B.

People who work with me have discovered that bodily wellness and emotional wellness are deeply linked and that accessing emotional freedom brings relief.

Through my Emotional Detox program, I release people from internalized stress so the body can do what it’s naturally inclined to do: Heal.

My work is simple and non-invasive. And the results are noticeable. I clear emotional blocks using energy to bring you healing, clarity, and emotional relief.

If you’re feeling like you’ve tried everything and nothing works, I would love to be your guide to a life that’s free from distress, pain, addiction, or resistance. A life that is, instead, full of self-awareness, focus, purpose, and satisfaction.

More About Me

As a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, I work with people to help them choose the very best paths for their physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional wellbeing. 

I love it. Time and again I’ve seen how emotional healing helps people get unstuck and create a thriving life.

My path toward this work started with nutrition.

I left the corporate world when my boys were very young and was faced with a challenge that was worlds away from the problems I solved when I was earning a degree in finance: How to fuel their growing bodies with nourishing food.

Which health experts should I follow? I didn’t know. I finally settled on the same kinds of foods I ate when I was growing up. 

But I wanted to learn more. So when the kids were old enough for school, I started a new set of studies, too. 

In 2009, I became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association. I also became a certified GAPS™ Practitioner, which allows me to help clients with digestive and related issues through this gut-healing approach.

Today, I combine my deep knowledge of nutrition with guidance through emotional healing to create a complete path to wellness for my clients.

It’s worked for me, too. I live a full, centered life. In addition to this work, I’m a yoga instructor, retreat leader, and fiber artist. I cook, garden, hike, cycle, and travel.

I enjoy life and would love to help you enjoy it, too. 


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