Your body is self healing and strives to make the best of any situation.

Often times the root cause of many issues is stress
Not the stress of getting things done throughout the day but the internal stress that builds up over a lifetime like anger, depression, anxiety and fear for example.

Do you know how to release the anger or guilt that is making you sick?

Did you know that bitterness can manifest physically by interfering with your immune function? 

Anxiety and fear can cause digestive dysfunction.  Resentment can even cause you to gain weight!
Let me help you get to the root of your issue, allowing your body to thrive!

Private sessions working directly with me to find and erase the underlying cause of your health issues using techniques similar to The Healing Code, The Emotion Code and Letting Go.

Tools and techniques so you can continue this important work on your own for rapid progress

A review of your most pressing health issues and a strategy to quickly resolve them
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1 Hour Session


1 Hour Sessions
  • More than a 10% discount!


1 Hour Sessions
  • 20% discount!
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Technology is a wonderful thing and allows us to meet no matter where we are located.  All consultations are conducted over Skype, FaceTime or by phone.  After purchase, I will contact you to set up your first appointment.  A few forms will be sent to you automatically that will help us get started. Please note that packages must be used within one year from purchase date.  I look forward to meeting you!
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